School Formal Makeup

Do you have a school formal coming up? What an exciting time it is for you! Buying a dress, sifting through hair and makeup ideas, choosing the perfect accessories....

Choosing Perle for your formal makeup

To look your very best, book your makeup with Katie Dawson. Her professional, caring approach will help to calm any jitters and nerves, whilst her perfectionist makeup application will make you look absolutely flawless and really stand out from the crowd.

Not sure what look to go for? That's perfectly fine too. Katie will discuss with you the makeup options which would best suit and enhance your facial features. 

So you've got the dress and the makeup sorted, what about your accessories?

Not only can we provide you with exceptional makeup service, we also offer a wide range of Unique accessories for you to choose from. If you don't want to blend into the crowd, or end up wearing the same jewellery that other girls in your class have bought, you should definitely book an appointment to come and visit our jewellery room!

Hair & Makeup Packages

Hair & Makeup packages are also available for school formals. See pricelist at the bottom of this page.

School Formal Makeup Adelaide

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Estimated Time Frames:

Traditional Makeup Application- 45mins per person

Airbrush Makeup Application- 1 Hour per person

Hair & Makeup Styling: 1.5 - 2hours hours per person

(May require more time for complex up-styles or long hair)




For more information, you can download a full PDF about our services and products by clicking on the link below:

Perle Hair & Makeup Information PDF