Makeup Tips of the Trade

Wedding Hair & Makeup Tips

Here are a selection of Katie's PRO tips when it comes to makeup for your wedding or special occasion!

False Lashes

False Eyelashes- Adelaide Makeup Artist - Perle Jewellery and Makeup - Katie Dawson

False lashes create drama, depth and add definition to the eye. They look fabulous in photographs and you will be amazed by how natural they look on camera. There are THREE main types of false lashes- Individual flare lashes are a small clump of lashes that are spaced at desired intervals to create natural fullness and add length. The mid-range choice are called Accent or Half Lashes. They come on a strip, but are half as wide a full set. These can be applied to the middle of your eye, to enhance the outer corners of your eye. They are great for people with sparse lashes who want to add subtle thickness and curl, or for people who have smaller eyes. If you want a more dramatic, flirtatious look, then a full set of strip lashes will really make your eyes pop and stand out. Click on the images below for more information on which lashes to select. (Model above wears FULL SET Lashes)

        Full Set Lashes: (Variety of lengths & thicknesses)


        Accent or Half Lashes:


        Flare or Individual Lashes:


Eyebrow Attention

The eyebrows play a vital role in defining your eye shape. If you really want your eyes to sparkle and be the focus of your face, then well-groomed eyebrows are a must. When shaping your eyebrows, make sure that you follow the natural outline. Some eyebrows have a natural curve to them, while others can be very straight and almost angular. Work with this outline, don’t try and beat them into something they are not as they have grown that way to naturally complement your eyeshape. Often, you will only need to tweeze wayward hairs below the arch, but for a complete overhaul, get a beauty professional to shape them for you the first time, and then you will be able to tweeze any stray hairs that grow back. Do not tweeze directly before applying makeup as the hair follicles will be open and may swell and get irritated if makeup enters them.

Makeup Removal

The products that Katie uses are designed to withstand the elements of your event- the tears, the kisses and the sweat. Her eyeproducts (including false lashes) are waterproof and will need to be removed using an OIL-BASED remover, such as a basic baby oil. Simply add the remover to a cotton ball and gently wipe over the lid to remove the shadow, liner and mascara. You will probably need to repeat this step, followed by washing your entire face with a face foam or cleanser. 
To remove false eyelashes, place oil on cotton bud and put along the lash line so that the oil can loosen the adhesive. Then slowly and gently peel the lashes, starting at the outer corner of the eye and work your way to the center. Follow this by wiping your entire eyelid with the remover once more to pick up any adhesive residue.

Eye colour & complementing shades

Blue eyes - Warm browns, grey & smokey colours, warm taupe, purple shades
Green eyes - Golden browns, warm taupes, soft peach, soft violet, deep purple
Brown eyes - Golden/warm browns, charcoal, purple, blue, green
Grey eyes - Charcoal, cool brown, purple

Caring for your Lips:

Lipsticks and glosses really complete your makeup look, so it's really important you start out with the smoothest base possible. To ensure that you properly hydrate your body, drink plenty of water in the lead up to your special event. For super-smooth, supple lips, gently buff your toothbrush over the lip area after brushing your teeth. Then quench your lips with a natural lip balm or Vaseline each night before bed.

Choosing a Lip colour

Adelaide Makeup Artist -Lipstick Colour Choices

Fuller lips can wear more dramatic lip colours, however if you have thin lips it is better to go for lighter shades to give the illusion of a fuller lip. Also keep in mind that dark lip colours will age your look more than any other makeup product. Avoid colours that have strong blue undertones as this will leave you looking cold and corpse-like. Products that have a silvery sheen (frosted colours) also look unnatural and space-aged. For a natural look, go for a colour that is as close to your natural shade as possible and team it with a matching lipliner. You can opt for either a gloss or a matte lipstick. With a gloss lipstick, you may need to reapply it more as sometimes it can slip off easily. Another option is to choose a matte lip colour, and if you wish for a shiny, glossy lip, add a clear gloss over the top.

ESSENTIALS to Carry in your Purse: 

- Tissues- use to blot any excess moisture, oil or sweat from your face before retouching with powder.
- A translucent/yellow based powder compact: apply to any shiny areas (focus on the t-zone of the face) 
- A lipstick or gloss that you can reapply before photographs to avoid naked/chapped lips!

Caring for acne-prone skin: 

1. Clean your skin gently. If you have acne, you should gently wash your face with a mild skin cleanser- try a product which is designed for sensitive skin, specifically one that is free from soap, perfume and other known irritants, such as Cetaphil (available from most pharmacies). Apply morning and night, and after heavy exercise. Wash your entire face, as well as under the jaw and down your neck, and be sure to thoroughly rinse your skin. Using strong soaps or rough scrubs is unhelpful and can actually make the problem worse, causing further irritation and inflammation of the skin.

2. Avoid the temptation to touch your face! Your fingers are full of oily residue and bacteria, so touching your skin can clog pores and may lead to breakouts and re-infection.

3. Rubbing, touching, squeezing, or picking blemishes can lead to the development of scars or dark blotches- so stop yourself!

4. At all costs, avoid getting sunburnt or sun-tanning.

5. Avoid all oil-based makeup products where possible as these will also clog your pores.